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Important Features That New Smartphone Must Have!

Today’s technology market is increasingly developed, which is similar as smartphone market. Many popular smartphone companies in terms of Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and etc, have innovated and produced many smartphone models and amazing innovation that makes our lives easier. However, no doubt that many people decided to get new smartphones, not just only teenagers, but aged people also using new application in terms of Facebook, Whatapps to connect to their families.

However, this article is to advise people who is considering to get new smartphones, what is updated features that smartphone should have? - By Technician Training Australia

Nowadays smartphone has a high performed sing camera or dual camera, up to 40 megapixels. Moreover, the camera comes with new features that allow user can take a photo from outdoor, indoor, low light and get a great quality photo, up to 4K.

Size is very important for everyday usages. Many people prefer a big one for watching the entertainment, take a photo, bigger screen and etc while many also prefer a small one for convenience and using in one hand.

Battery life
Smartphones come with fancy features, that consume lots of battery power. Our recommendation is to get smartphone that has a battery life over 3,000 mAh in order to use for whole day. However, you also can get a powerbank for store the power

Cutting-edge technology
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are examples of the cutting-edge technology. However, our opinion is very good to have but it does not affect anything if you do not have it

The statistic from Casphone IT Repairs showed that many customers still prefer using old smartphones in terms of iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and etc because all they do not want to transfer or backup any contact and information in their devices. Moreover, new devices use new technology, in terms of screen, charging port and etc, the price for repairing and replacing are very expensive