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The Best phone repair in Southport - Gold Coast

There are many phone repair shops in Southport that can replace the screen and LCD. However, not many shops can do advanced repair. We introduce Casphone IT Repairs in Southport Park Shopping Centre . Casphone IT Repairs in Southport Park Shopping, they only replace screens, LCD, speakers or other parts, but they also do other advanced repairs that others shop cannot do in terms of water damage repair, data recovery, motherboard repair, micro soldering, unlocking Google account, forgetting the passcode lock, recovering data from broken hard drive . Moreover, the service fee is not expensive comparing to what will you get back. However, before repairing, they will suggest and estimate the rough price before repair. As we are phone repair training centre, we guarantee that Casphone is the best phone repair in Southport Jack.
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Why technician use refurbish parts?

Do you know a phone repair business can generate money from many ways in terns of repairing devices, selling phone cases, screen protector and other accessories. However, one thing that not many people know is the broken screen that get from customers' phone, can convert to be money - that's called 'refurbish part' The refurbish parts can get from the genuine, OEM and aftermarket screen from devices, sometimes, it really hard to clarify the differences between refurbish, genuine, OEM and aftermarket screen but the best thing of refurbish part is the quality and price. If you are lucky, you can get the refurbish part from the genuine phone in cheap price. However, do you know how the manufacture or shop can get produce the refurbish part, this video below will show how to get the refurbish screen from the genuine iPhone 7. 5 reasons why phone repair technician use refurbish parts Refurbish part may come from the genuine devices Price is cheap Save budget Avo

iPhone 7 Touch Screen Not Working

After you drop your iPhone, sometimes, your iPhone touchscreen may not work. When the touch screen does not work, you can control anything. However, sometimes, the phone repair technicians cannot find any issue, what they do is to replace the new screen but the issue is in the motherboard and circuit. However, we would like to share the short video how to repair unresponsive touch screen for iPhone 7. This skills and technique are really details, if you want to learn how to repair, please let us visit us at . Credits:

Important Features That New Smartphone Must Have!

Today’s technology market is increasingly developed, which is similar as smartphone market. Many popular smartphone companies in terms of Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and etc, have innovated and produced many smartphone models and amazing innovation that makes our lives easier. However, no doubt that many people decided to get new smartphones, not just only teenagers, but aged people also using new application in terms of Facebook, Whatapps to connect to their families. However, this article is to advise people who is considering to get new smartphones, what is updated features that smartphone should have? - By Technician Training Australia Camera Nowadays smartphone has a high performed sing camera or dual camera, up to 40 megapixels. Moreover, the camera comes with new features that allow user can take a photo from outdoor, indoor, low light and get a great quality photo, up to 4K. Size Size is very important for everyday usages. Many people prefer a big one

Plastic and Tempered Glass Screen Protectors - By Casphone

Which screen protector that you should get? Do you know how many types of screen protector in the market? - At the moment in 2018, screen protectors come in three types: plastic , tempered glass and liquid screen protector . While all of them have different pros and cons to each which can protect your smart device from scratches. However, Our Casphone Technicians , they suggest installing a tempered glass screen protector rather than plastic and liquid one. Why a tempered glass is recommended Tempered glass screen protector is stronger than others. It is made of glass, so, that makes users feel like they are using phone not plastic It provide the advanced protection, scratch resistant which is better than others All screen protectors have similar prices We your devices have any issues, please visit us - Casphone IT Repairs , we have highly experienced phone repair technicians that are ready to support you.

Phone repair at Casphone IT Repairs

Phone repair at Casphone IT Repairs Casphone is a well-known phone repair service, protection and accessories for over 10 years in Woolloongabba , Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre , Hyperdome Shopping Centre , Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre and other locations around Queensland .

Phone performance, battery lifespan & battery life by Casphone

Get the most out of your iPhone We find sudden, unexpected shutdowns unacceptable, especially when we miss opportunities- losing a call, miss taking a picture or having any phone experience interrupted.