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Why technician use refurbish parts?

Do you know a phone repair business can generate money from many ways in terns of repairing devices, selling phone cases, screen protector and other accessories. However, one thing that not many people know is the broken screen that get from customers' phone, can convert to be money - that's called 'refurbish part'

The refurbish parts can get from the genuine, OEM and aftermarket screen from devices, sometimes, it really hard to clarify the differences between refurbish, genuine, OEM and aftermarket screen but the best thing of refurbish part is the quality and price. If you are lucky, you can get the refurbish part from the genuine phone in cheap price.

However, do you know how the manufacture or shop can get produce the refurbish part, this video below will show how to get the refurbish screen from the genuine iPhone 7.

5 reasons why phone repair technician use refurbish parts
  • Refurbish part may come from the genuine devices
  • Price is cheap
  • Save budget
  • Avoid the faulty part
  • Recycle the broken parts